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In order to assist photographers and artists learn more about what hardware and software are needed for fine art giclée printing, we offer the following aids for what it takes and where you can find this equipment

Two levels of FLAAR Reports are available to you.

If you wish up to 6 free FLAAR First Level Reports, fill out theRequest-Survey form, let us know what kind of printing you are interested in, specify what printers you wish to know about, and we will respond with the appropriate information.

If you are a museum, a university, a photo lab, a fine art giclée studio, or going into giclée printing in a serious way, then you will prefer to obtain the "Premium FLAAR Report Series" which are grouped by themes into topical series. You can order a special series by Nicholas Hellmuth on fine art giclée. Dr Hellmuth is trained at Harvard and held three positions at Yale (including several years in their Dept of History of Art). His experience as photographer, art historian, and wide format printer evaluator is available to you in this series.

Inside these reports are the names, addresses, fax, phone, and e-mail of vendors and sources of additional help. Titles are informal, to give general concept of contents of report.

Your needs
Specific FLAAR report in which you can find precise info on where to buy.

Where to buy entry level large format inkjet printers, 24" and above?

Wide Format InkJet Printers 24" and above for Photos on Photo Glossy, Photo Matte, Satin or Canvas and Fine Art giclée Prints on Canvas or Watercolor Paper

Where to buy midrange inkjet printers, 36"-44"

Where to buy large format printers, 54" to 72".

Several different reports are available, depending on what you need the printer to do? Just let us know what you want to print, and our staff will send you the appropriate report.

Where to buy inkjet printers that can handle thick and rigid material over an inch thick, in some cases up to 3 inches thick?

Flatbed Inkjet Printers for Thick and/or Rigid Materials

Where to buy large format electrostatic (e-stat) printers for signage or for subsequent heat transfer via dye sublimation?

You can select either the FLAAR Report on outdoor signage or the FLAAR Report on dye sublimation heat transfer for textiles. Shortly additional reports will be available specifically just on electrostatic printers.

Where to buy large format printers using thermal transfer (dye diffusion) resin ribbons

Large Format Printers using Thermal Transfer Technology

Where to buy archival inks for fine art giclée printing?

Media and Inks for Printing for printing Photos and Fine Art giclée

Where to buy vinyl and media for use with solvent ink printers? Where to buy photo glossy, photo matte, photo satin for printing photographs with large format inkjet printers? Where to buy watercolor paper for fine art giclée? Where to buy canvas for fine art giclée prints?

Where to buy inks of all kinds for large format printers?

Media and Inks for Printing Signs with Large Format Printers. Another report is Inks and Colorants for Large Format Printing.

Where to buy RIP software or hardware RIP´s for normal wide format printers 24" to 72"?

RIP + Help (tells you about a RIP, what it is, what it does, why it will help you; plus all kinds of other tips for first-time users of wide format

Where to buy layout software for large signs up to the size of billboards? Where to buy grand format superwide printers? Where to buy vinyl and other substrates for use with solvent ink printers?

Solvent Ink Printers for Outdoor Signage

Media and Inks for Printing Signs with Large Format Printers

What software, what software RIP, what color measuring tools do you need to handle ICC color profiles and color management?

Where to buy books on color management; who is a good consultant who can come and teach your employees on professional color management?

Where to buy CAD plotters or color inkjet printers for CAD or GIS?

Where to buy vellum, and other economical paper for CAD and GIS on large format inkjet printers?

What Inkjet Printers are best for CAD and GIS?

Where to buy wide format scanners (for scanning maps and large drawings)?
Where to buy printers for printing on paper-backed textiles? Where to buy printers for printing on textiles with no paper backing?

Where to buy textiles for inkjet printing: silk, cotton, polyester, and other comparable products?

Large Format Printers for Direct Printing onto Textiles

Where to buy laminators and laminating film? Where to buy liquid lamination, liquid laminators, spray lamination?

Where to buy trimmers, cutters, and other helpful accessories?

Laminating Equipment and Supplies for Large Format Prints

Where to buy flatbed scanners (high dpi scanners for prepress, for photo studios, or serious photography hobby)

Where to buy repro stand overhead scanners (for scanning rare books, paintings, and virtually anything too large or delicate to be put on a large format scanner)?

Scanning 35m Slides and Negatives for Home, Hobby, or Business

Where to buy the absolute best digital camera (as a photography research institute at a museum we have plenty of experience here)?

sources listed on

and also on

Where to buy photography lighting, serious cameras for serious photography, tripods?
Where to buy books on photography?

Last checked: Jan. 14, 2004.
Previous updates: Sept. 24, 2003, Jan 6, 2003, Aug. 2001 (NHM), Nov. 15, 2002.

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