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Digital Photography Course for the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Print E-mail
Digital Photo Course
  • DP 101 - Achieving Quality in Digital Photography
  • DP 201 - Taking Digital Photography to the Next Level
    (You do not need to take Course One first though obviously we recommend it.)

  • Taught on line
  • Lectures in English

  • For further information on the FLAAR+BGSU course on digital photography, open to the public, you can contact Nicholas Hellmuth directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Learn Digital Photography Online!

The world of photography is rapidly moving into the digital realm. Prepare yourself by enrolling in FLAAR’s progressive online courses in digital photography. Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth, the founder and director of FLAAR, has developed a series of online courses focused on reaching individuals all over the world who share an appreciation for photography and want to experience the digital millennium first-hand.

Learn from an Expert Instructor
Dr. Hellmuth has more than 30 years of experience in photography using traditional (35mm), medium format (2 1/4), and large format (4x5 and 8x10) cameras. He has photographed in museums in Japan, Australia, Canada, Latin America, and the United States and his work has been featured in National Geographic. He was able to make the transition to digital, and is currently a leading expert on digital imaging technologies. His research organization, FLAAR, is an internationally respected research center for digital imaging technologies.

Experience Online Learning
When you enroll in one of Dr. Hellmuth’s online courses, you will be given access to a password-protected platform called Blackboard, where the course material will be made available for you to download. In addition, you will be given direct telephone and e-mail access to Dr. Hellmuth and his assistant Audra Magermans. Because the class is entirely virtual, you can study from your home, office, or while traveling. Online learning allows you to learn at your own pace without ever having to travel to one of FLAAR’s locations. Anyone, anywhere in the world can enroll in these courses!

Develop Your Skills.
Dr. Hellmuth now offers two levels of digital photography instruction, and anyone can enroll in one or both courses. (One is not a prerequisite to the other.) Each course covers unique material that both hobbyists and professionals will find useful and intellectually stimulating.


Achieving Quality in Digital Photography.

This course will develop your creativity and show you how to use digital imaging to produce astonishing images. Course topics include:

  • Learning about 35mm digital cameras (including Nikon, Kodak, Canon, etc.)

    Achieving professional results with affordable cameras (Sony, Minolta, Fuji etc)

    Understanding the past, present, and future of digital photography

    Working with lighting, lenses, filters, and digital imaging software

  • Developing versatile talents (architectural, nature, and portrait photography)


Taking Digital Photography to the Next Level.

This is a production-oriented course that will teach you to produce digital images that will help you win exhibits, earn a living as a professional, and in general, create images that make an impact. Course topics include:

  • Assuring top quality results using professional techniques

    Choosing the right equipment for developing a digital photography studio

    Understanding digital imaging and scanning principals

    Learning techniques for shooting on-location

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity by learning about medium and large format digital imaging

Make Educated Purchasing Decisions.

Both of Dr. Hellmuth’s courses will emphasize making good purchasing decisions. Because FLAAR is an independent research center, you can expect unbiased purchasing advice based on research experience and product testing. The courses will help you learn the characteristics of quality products in the market of digital imaging including:

  • Digital cameras from “point and shoot” through 35mm SLR, medium format, and large format

    Printers and scanners

  • Digital imaging software and computer hardware to support it

After taking these courses, you will be able to go to any tradeshow or camera store and understand the terminology, distinguish the advertising hype from reality, and be able to make educated purchases.

Enroll Today!

DP 101 Achieving Quality in Digital Photography $595.00

DP 201 Taking Digital Photography to the Next Level $795.00

(Experienced photographers do not need to take DP 100 first.)

Both Courses (Save $295 when you enroll now!) $1095.00

Click here to enroll in Dr. Hellmuth’s courses, and take the first step towards developing your talents in digital photography! This series will be offered again beginning in September 2005. For the latest information, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :
Department of Continuing Education
Bowling Green State University


Last updated: Sept. 26, 2005.
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