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Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6000 should be available soon Print E-mail

We already have the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5000 and are evaluating it. People from all over the world ask us what this printer is like. In the meantime, the reviews by others on the popular websites are zapping it for too much visible dot pattern.

We do not yet have a recommendation, since these printers are too new yet. But we are carefully studying the printer, and listening to the results of other users as well. People are curious, but don’t have knowledge of Canon printers, or how tech support will be like.

People know what to expect from Epson and HP because they have been around so long. So it will be a long learning process, but we have been studying printers for many years and have patience.

Besides, a review is most valid when it compares all the new printers. So as soon as the autumn trade shows are through, we can publish comments on all the other new printers too.

We have seen the Canon iPF500 and Canon iPF600 and heard about the Canon iPF700. Have also inspected the Canon iPF9000 at two trade shows so far. Now the iPF6000 and iPF8000 are being talked about already.

But in the meantime the HP Z2100 and HP Z3100 have come out, so they are stealing all the thunder this month.

Every several years there is either a new Canon iPF printer or a new Epson or a new HP water-based printer that is made for giclee, decor, or fine art photography. It is hard to keep track of the advances in improved inks and color management features. FLAAR is keeping track by visiting giclee ateliers around the world that have these various brands. Each brand has its good points and a few issues and an occasional deficiency.      

Since FLAAR itself does not sell printers, for you to find out information on prices and availability of each model that can print fine art giclee well, we suggest you contact a company that offers all three brands: Canon, HP, and Epson.  This way they are not going to push just one brand because they offer all three. Plus you need a company that has plenty of experience with fine art photographs, photo labs, and giclee atelier.                   

If you are looking for a place that is not a box-pusher (meaning you want a place that provides service after the sale), then one place we know for many years is Parrot Digigraphic. Their telephone is 978.670.7766.


First posted Sept 25, 2006.


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