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There are many ways to get Nicholas Hellmuth´s Informative Reports:

Free Reports, by individual title: Just fill out the Request-Survey form and the FLAAR staff will send your reports via e-mail. Click here to choose the Free Reports you whish.

Free Self Downloads: Click here to view the list of Self Downloadable Reports About FLAAR.

Free Digital Photography Reports:You can download free reports on digital photography experiences.

Premium FLAAR Report Series : If you are adverse to filling out an Inquiry Form, you can simply purchase the entire FLAAR Report Series.

Over the last two years people said that after the first three free reports they wanted more. Most people said they prefer simply to pay for them rather than use the inquiry form system. In response to your preferences, we now offer the entire reference library of FLAAR reports by subject by series.

They all are available by groups (series). We do not sell individual titles. If you already have one or more titles you still ought to have the entire series (specially because we are constantly updating the report, so "the same title" may have new and additional information, tips and help for your needs)

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