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Do I really need an Iris printer to do giclee? How much money will it cost to set up and equip your own Giclée printing studio? If I already have a print shop, how can I add fine art prints to what I offer my clients? Can I Learn how to print fine art and giclee at home, as a retirement business, or as a second business or hobby?

These questions are what bring people to order the FLAAR Series on fine art, giclee, and decor inkjet printing.

Twenty-two printers have been unpacked in our studios; all are still there, albeit several failed to past muster and are gathering dust. One has congenital problem of air-in-the-ink-tubes. The other guzzles ink, has propensity to banding, and prefers expensive paper. As a result of this actual experience, we are able to assist newcomers so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes we made when we first asked for specific brands, assuming they would actually be as good as their ads claimed.

Precisely because we can have essentially any printer we need is exactly why we can select the best printer for the job. We just ignore the humorous hype and faulty printhead technologies and instead focus on what printer, over the long haul, is optimal for producing exhibit quality prints.

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