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You can print your own fine art, exhibit-quality, photo enlargements, in-house, if you have a good wide format color printer with an adequate RIP Print E-mail

Encad wide format inkjet printersBut, if you are printing images that are grainy to begin with, such as ancient ceramics, the dot pattern matches the grain pattern of the thousand year old ceramics. This Encad wide format printer is part of the FLAAR museum program for the Museo Popol Vuh, on the campus of the Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala, Central America).

Since Encad is the first printer that we had in-house first (before we moved into fine art giclée and got a ColorSpan and HP DesignJet 5000), Encad is the printer that we show here. The new Encad printers are twice as good, that's right, the 600 dpi Encad 700-series and Encad 850-series are productive workhorses for any sign shop. Downside is the grainy, dotty pattern of the printing. The obvious ink dots in light colored areas of the image are what make the Encad inappropriate for fine art reproduction.

The samples here are posters for a recent museum exhibit on 6th-12th century Maya and Tiquisate figurines which were hollow and thus used as flutes, ocarinas, and ceramic whistles (yes, they make lots of noise!). Encad NovaJetPro 36" wide format printer

Why send your precious photos outside to some unknown copy shop? You can do the work more economically and definitely more quickly (and probably at a higher quality) if you do them in-house. Its easy, just get a wide format printer, hook it up to a RIP, and print exhibit-quality art for your museum.

Now that we have the HP DesignJet 2800 we don't use the Encad as much. And now that the newer HP 5000ps is available, it's another leap in quality for photo-realistic images. We have been doing test prints on the HP 5000ps and did more extensive tests during summer 2001. Our ColorSpan DisplayMaker XII was installed by late June.

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If you would like to get access to Dr Nicholas Hellmuth's considerable experience with museum photography and how to prepare a digital fine art exhibit for your museum, it's as easy as checking out or



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Previously updated June 9, 2001.
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