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Can I do fine art prints with my Nikon CoolPix 990, or my Nikon CoolPix 995, or my Canon megapixel camera? Print E-mail
Digital cameras nikon coolpix 990
Picture of a Ceiba (Sacred Mayan tree) taken with a Nikon CoolPix 990

FLAAR has a Nikon CoolPix 990; this somewhat outdated camera takes better photos in many respects than the 8-megapixel Sony CyberShot F828. So it is not always the size of megapixels that makes a good photo.

Almost every week hobby photographers with megapixel digital cameras write and ask this question, whether they can print giclee with their entry-level cameras.

We are preparing a course and workshops on this point because, like everyone else, we too try to push the limits of what a zoom-lens point and shoot camera can achieve.

We have two large format digital scanning backs from BetterLight. The more recent one has 6,000 x 8,000 pixels, which is a 48 megapixel value. The Nikon CoolPix 990 is about 2 or 3 megapixels?

If you are a museum, a photo lab, a fine art giclée studio, it's obvious which camera you would select.

But if you don't have $12,000 for a large format digital camera, the $490 price of the Nikon CoolPix sure looks tempting, especially if you consider using Genuine Fractals of S-Spline software to enlarge the prints. Yet can a $490 point-and-shoot camera produce art you would want to frame and exhibit?

FLAAR has both cameras, so it's easy for us to do a test. The results were surprising. If you already have, or about to buy, a simple megapixel camera, then you better read the FLAAR Report Series on Photo(graphy), on Giclee, or check out the new workshops (will be posted shortly).

If you want clean pixels for the ultimate digital photo.

If you already have, or are about to buy a digital medium format Leaf, Imacon, Sinar, or tri-linear scanning back such as PhaseOne, you might wish to test this digital technology report as quickly as possible. We are currently evaluating the 22-megapixel Leaf Valeo on a Mamiya 645 AFD with a wireless monitor as a portable viewer. This fabulous camera system requires no computer; it is not tethered; and we have taken it all over Greece and throughout the volcanic mountain area of Guatemala .

The reports on the results are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Thus they are quick and easy downloads. We send you the downloads via e-mail once we have your request via the inquiry-survey form.


Most recently updated September 8, 2004.
Last checked Jan. 15, 2003 , First posted August 18, 2001.

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