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Liquid laminating equipment from Lumina Coatings Intl Print E-mail

At SGIA 2005 we noticed for the first time the Lumina liquid lamination equipment for giclee.  The Lumina 2600, 5000 and 6500 Professional Rollcoaters are the three models. The brochures were in the booth of Coast Graphic Supply.

Since giclee prints on canvas suffer damage if not top coated, you need either to spray or rollcoat the canvas.

Of course if you use the wrong coating, the laminating liquid will turn yellow and your giclee print will look ugly. So FLAAR is interviewing print shop owners about the pros and cons of every form of laminating. The first result is clear: liquid lamination is the way to laminate canvas for protection. Most people don’t laminate watercolor paper, but a liquid laminate would be the way if you need to make it more water resistant or UV fade resistant

Another problem is that the wrong laminate may put a slightly fuzzy or milky appearance over the print, which is not attractive. So be sure to do a test, before and after, and show to your clients. If the coating is good, the average client will not even know the print was coated.

If you do not coat the print, it will get scratched too easily and even the wrapping paper will rub the ink off the surface.

We do not yet have any rollcoater for liquid lamination but intend to add one during 2006. We are also in the process of deciding which techniques to foster: spray lamination, brush application, rollcoating, floodcoating or other. Naturally we wish to avoid solvent laminates: their oppressive odor is worse than carginogenic solvent inks. We are slow to update the website because the staff is busy taking notes at trade shows both in the US and in Europe, since Europeans sometimes do things differently. Plus we need to ascertain which is the best lamination equipment for digital photographs, for signage, and for giclee on canvas.


First posted May 8, 2006.

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