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Where are good places to have your fine art giclée prints made? Print E-mail

Every week artists ask us for suggestions on reputable places to print fine art giclée prints and limited editions. So we asked around and heard about a well established giclee atelier, Fine Art Impressions.

fine art giclee artist
Nicholas (left) visiting Kerr's fine art giclee studio in Charlotte. This trip was to compare the medium format Mamiya-Leaf Valeo 22 digital camera with the BetterLight (large format) and Canon 1Ds (35mm).
Gary Kerr displaying some of his prints
Gary Kerr displaying some of his prints. Kerr prints for giclee artists from across the US and from as far away as the Island of Malta.

We have visited Gary Kerr's giclée studio twice. The first thing we noticed is that he is a stickler for professional quality, both in the final print as in the sophisticated equipment for digital repro photography and color management.

All kinds of artists came in while we were there. The facility had attractive exhibit space too.

It is natural to look for the best price, but then you end up with either junk or a print you are ashamed of. If you put two prints next to each other, one done at a cheap place and the other done at a really professional fine art giclée printer, you can see the difference immediately. So can your clients.

The f irst mistake most people make when starting off to print giclee is a cheap scanner. The best two was to scan large works of art is with a Cruse repro scanning system or a BetterLight. If you are just starting (such as if you are an individual photographer with little budget) then you might consider a Tarsia copy stand system (you add the BetterLight camera; with the Cruse everything is built in as a turnkey system). Downside of the alternative Kaiser rePRO stand is the small size it handles. If you have a really large painting you need a Cruse with moving platform. Contact info for Cruse is their distributor for USA kurt. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or their long time installer and rep, Michael Lind, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

So right away here is a good way to judge a fine art giclée printing company, how do they scan, photograph, or otherwise digitize your work? If they use a Cruse or BetterLight scan back, that is a good assurance of quality. The FLAAR course on digital photography discusses all the options in detail.

We just returned from visiting the Kerr atelier a second time (July 2004). We will be issuing additional reports. If you wish to have a capable company print your paintings or photographs as giclee on canvas or watercolor paper, we wholeheartedly recommend Fine Art Impressions.  


fine art giclee artist
If you wish a giclée print service to handle your printing for you, and if you wish reasonable price, consider Fine Art Impressions, contact Gary T. Kerr, Fine Art Impressions, 228 Caldwell Lane, Suite C Post Office Box 193 Davidson, NC 28036-0193, (800) 419-4442 Toll-Free, (704) 655-9883 Business, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . They offer museum quality giclée prints. You get fair price because he uses a tried and true printer.






Last cheched: Sept. 23, 2003.

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