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Many people have asked to get portions of the FLAAR web sites in PDF form. So we have prepared three levels: Preview of FLAAR Premium Report Series ; First Level free Reports; and Second Level Premium Reports. The Previews and First Level Reports are all Free Reports by individual title (you get them in exchange for filling out the following Inquiry Form). The Premium Reports include tips, help, information, and evaluations of printers, scanners, and digital imaging software not available on the web pages, and are available by credit card

The Free FLAAR Reports, by individual title. You can ask for at least eight Reports, FLAAR sends these reports in exchange for you helping us better understand the needs of people who seek evaluations of wide format inkjet printers by filling out the Survey form. The more you tell us about the needs you have and what you will use wide format or professional scanner for, the easier it is for us to pinpoint which report titles are ideal for your situation. The information in our reports can perhaps save you from making an expensive mistake!

You can write auf Deutsch, in Spanish, in or in Italiano Fran├žais; reports themselves are in English.

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