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Large Format Digital Imaging Division of NISDM Center for Applied Technology Bowling Green State University

Writer/editor, part time, potentially full time, or by individual assignment (such as writing up a specific tradeshow). You could potentially work from home anywhere in the USA.

With several hundred thousand people a month reading FLAAR Reviews, we are considering adding an additional writer.

Prefer person with experience in digital imaging.

Prefer person who knows the jargon of large format inkjet printing, scanners, and/or digital cameras.

Obviously you must be able to write well and/or edit what other FLAAR writers produce.

FLAAR is non-profit which has its pluses and minuses. Plus is that you write about the actual pros and cons of any and all makes and models. We do not use corporate PR; we do not rewrite what some PR agency or other company spokesperson wants to see in print. We do our best even to avoid using PR photos.

Downside of this position is it's not exactly the most lucrative paying job in the world, but we all enjoy what we are doing. Thousands of people in 42 countries depend on FLAAR reports to become informed buyers of large format digital imaging hardware and software. Their positive feedback is a great source of pride for all our writers.

BGSU job opportunity BGSU office

We will consider whether to offer this job in 2005. So please do not send a resume until we indicate we have funding for this position. If you are interested in being a volunteer photography and digital imaging assistant, we occasionally accept volunteers to help in Guatemala, especially volunteers from German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it w ith resume.

In some circumstances we would consider a recent graduate but would need to see results of what you wrote during college.

Please do not telephone because our staff are often at other offices in Germany and Latin America. We communicate primarily by e-mail.

FLAAR is a non-profit research and educational institute incorporated in the State of Rhode Island with business offices in Ohio and Missouri.



Last checked May 2, 2003.
Previusly updated May. 16, 2002, First added October 20, 2001.

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