Photographing flowers with light-and-shadow style, using sunlight Print

Fine art giclee digital photography of tropical trees and flowers

Posted April 6, 2016

Tabebuia Cortez tree Guatemala fine art giclee photo FLAAR 2958 NH
Tabebuia Cortez yellow Guatemalan flower fine art giclee FLAAR 3040 NH

A remarkable yellow-flowering tree (names Cortez) in a field near the highway to Puerto Barrios, but in a dry eco-system. In addition to doing ethnobotanical photography, we do fine art giclee style photos of the flowers, and occasionally of the entire tree.

Together with Nancy Dwyer and Joseph Dwyer we are preparing fine art giclee style digital photographs for people to display electronically in their homes.

We will be announcing this shortly, but in effect, if you donate to assist our long-range project to find and photograph the native Neotropical flowers of Guatemala, then in appreciation for your contribution we will provide images which should make your family and visiting friends say WOW, where did you find these images.

These photos are of a tree which is in the dry part of central Guatemala, photographed a week ago by Dr Nicholas Hellmuth, head ethnobotanist of FLAAR (USA) and FLAAR Mesoamerica (Guatemala).

We appreciate the experience of Nancy and Joseph Dwyer (of St Louis) for assisting FLAAR to be able to focus our experience and energy on continuing our projects.

You can see more of our fine art photography style on and

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