What new products will we find at Photokina 2014 later this month (in September, in Cologne)? What Fine Art Photo & Giclee technology advances can we expect to see at Photokina

Posted September 3, 2014

Photokina 2014 hall list digital photography brand product category list

At Photokina we will be looking at media for fine art photos and giclee prints at Photokina. However keep in mind that the best expo in the world to learn about diverse kinds of printable materials is APPPEXPO in Shanghai (in 2015 in early March; definitely worth attending).

At Photokina we will be looking for printers for fine art and giclee. Sadly, we are disappointed with our HP Designjet Z3200. It does not function whatsoever (firmware indigestion seemingly). We will be updating our report and recommending that people be wary, especially of buying one used. Too bad, as the HP Z3200 was a great printer when new.

We have over a decade of experience in fine art scanners. Several brands have attempted to copy the Cruse, but most are, at best, obvious copies (or are simply entry-level). However there are other good models of large-format fine art scanners, such as Rencay, that we will be looking at.

In general we will also be studying studio lighting systems, especially digital fluorescent lighting (such as from FJ Westcott) which can replace harsh, hot halogen tungsten lighting. But the advantage of tungsten lighting is that they have developed good systems for focused beams (fluorescent is more a broad general lighting).

FLAAR also does research and evaluation on portable lighting, but lighting whose supports can be put on un-even ground (caves, hillsides, river beds, etc). So you can't use traditional lightstands.

Plus, for fine art photography, we will be comparing large-format tri-linear scanners with medium format (CCD or CMOS) with "35mm" DSLR (CCD or CMOS). Which are the best systems for landscape photography, nature photography, architectural photography, etc.?

Sorry, we do not focus on portrait photography: already plenty of capable photographers who handle that.

For all the photo themes that we focus on, our benefit is that we actually live in one of the most photogenic areas on earth, Neotropical Guatemala: mountains, deserts, both Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific coasts, lakes, volcanos, savannas: virtually all eco-systems except frozen ice or snow!

About 121,292 people a year read this fine art web site (over half a million read the overall FLAAR network of several focused sites). So we look forward to providing evaluations of fine art and giclee equipment, inks, RIP software, color management, and workflow tips from Photokina.

Three of us from FLAAR will be attending Photokina: Dr Nicholas, Sophia Monzon (technical writer and evaluator of camera equipment) and Melanny Celeste Quinonez Izquierdo (likewise evaluator of camera techniques and equipment).

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