FLAAR will evaluate current Epson Stylus Pro printer models during 2012 Print

FLAAR will evaluate current Epson Stylus Pro printer models during 2012

First posted March 5, 2012.

Epson Supercolor SC S30600, water-based ink printer review

At the recent Graphics of the Americas in Miami the knowledgeable person in an Epson RIP distributor booth helped us understand what they felt were Epson's benefits over other brands (we then provide a real-world reality check to the claims).

In another Epson distributor booth, the sales person was very fervent pro-Epson. This helps us understand what claims are preached, and thus we can better explain the reality.

At the official Epson booth a hospitable individual helped me understand features of the newest Epson giclee printer.

Earlier, at FESPA Barcelona 2012, we also inspected the Epson SuperColor SC-S30600 but that is definitely not a fine art giclee printer.

So on this fine art giclee printers web site, we will be adding comments on Epson printers during 2012, and especially when is it better to prefer a current model, and when is it not a good idea to opt for a used previous model.

We will base our discussion on our own observations, on our appraisal of the claims by Epson dealers. One initial comment I can make based on perusing the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 in-person is that it really does offer many features that are not available on any HP or on any Canon wide-format printer. But we will discuss all this in more detail during the coming weeks.


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