Printing on Glass, Sign Africa Expo 2011. Print

Printing on Glass, Sign Africa Expo 2011.

First posted Jan 16, 2012.

CES (international Consumer Electronics Show) was attended by (a claimed) over 150,000 people last week in Las Vegas. PMA, a photography equipment trade show that faltered during 2009-2010 and then failed to launch an expo in 2011, has co-located with CES and was attempting to regain a presence as PMA@CES.

Three FLAAR Reports will result:

  • a free download on digital camera equipment at PMA + at CES; plus on what little wide-format fine art presence was there

  • free download of general comments on CES, in case you might consider attending in 2013 (be forewarned, the city was not able to handle 150,000 people, as in, over-priced hotels and not enough local transportion);

  • and a special consulting report for trade show organizers who would like to learn how to avoid the issues, headaches, problems, omissions, inadequacies that were so glaring at CES.

All three should be ready by Friday this week. You can order the report on how to improve management of your trade show by writing FrontDesk "at" The other two reports will be free downloads as soon as they are finished.


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