Giclee, fine art photography, decor, and interior decoration Print

Giclee, fine art photography, decor, and interior decoration.

Today in 2010 there is more to giclee than just oil paintings, acrylic or watercolor paintings. You can print your paintings on silk, on cotton, on wood, metal, ceramic or glass. FLAAR has been adding knowledge of these decorative applications since this web site began in the 1990's.

The last four years we have been working increasingly on UV-cured flatbed printers. These are the printers that can handle ceramic wall tiles, wood, aluminum and other metals, glass and diverse thick materials.

To bring you accurate information we, have gone to receive training in the R&D facilities and the factories of Durst (three times), NUR (twice), IP&I (twice), Dilli, GCC, ColorSpan, VUTEk (four times), GRAPO (three times), SkyAirShip, Teckwin (twice), and others. Have also been inspecting more eco-solvent printers (spent a week in the Mutoh Europe headquarters, R&D facilities, demo room, factory and have several reports (visit www.wide-format-printers.NET).

If you are a photographer, traditional or digital artist, painter, or printer, then this fine art giclée printer site is the information source for you. The advantage to you, is that FLAAR is nonprofit and in his past life Nicholas has been a professor. The art department on our campus provided invaluable tips (their experience with one printer was a disaster, perhaps our report on this can save you from the same mistake... they bought a printer without first finding out what it was really like).

The other benefit of FLAAR is that we cover the entire workflow, color management from ICC color profiles, color calibration, through selecting the canvas, watercolor paper or photo matte, photo satin, through top coating.

Plus, we offer assistance, both as consultants and also as publishers of tips, help, information, and documentation on how to set up your own giclee atelier. Since FLAAR is non-profit we don't mind revealing the ways that you too can produce giclee effectively. After all, this is the role of an educational institute: to do the research first, then the practical first-hand practice, and then write up and publish the results.

If you wish to meet Nicholas Hellmuth and ask questions in person, he is available as a consultant anywhere in the world.

In the last years the entire digital fine art world has seen major technology breakthroughs. Although Epson has been the clear leader for four years..

For 2010 we will bring you evaluations of the Epson printers, including the GS6000, which attempted to take over the giclee market but had a slight issue with color gamut.

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