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Zanders is a respected name in European papers, now part of International Paper. In America their wide format media is from Hammermill (Panorama). In Europe large format media is sold under the name Zanders.

At the recent CeBIT computer trade show in Hannover, Germany, I visited the various large format media companies, as I have the responsibility of choosing which one(s) to recommend. There are so many that it is not realistic to recommend them all. An advantage of International Paper is they are one of the few which offer wide format media both in America and Europe (Zanders in Europe and Hammermill Panorama in the USA).

All of the year 2001 was dedicated to evaluation and report upon media for fine art giclée prints.

Media canvas watercolor paper photo glossy matte for fine artIn the meantime, if you need to buy some media for everything from signs, banners, posters to fine art giclée printing, our favorite is from IJ Technologies (InkJet Technologies). Carley holds up a print for our upcoming exhibit at the Popol Vuh Museum (of pre-Columbian art).

As you can see from all the boxes of media here, we have access to media from all the companies large and small, but for this exhibit we are using solely media from IJ Technologies, in this case their DG Polyart SS. We are using an HP DesignJet 5000ps with UV pigmented inks.

If you need fine art watercolor paper, canvas, or other special media for giclée printing contact Improved Technologies.





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