Scanning large fine art paintings or other flat art work with precison Print

Recently, at the PMA tradeshow, the Cruse digital scanner corporation announced their new model CS 185ST 540 Synchron Table for fine art paintings. Here FLAAR shows the first working model of the newest Cruse reprographic stand digital photography system

Based on our search at all the tradeshows during last year and this year, both in Europe and in the USA, there is no other comparable equipment for museums, university art departments, art studios, or any company that needs to scan long objects. The CS 185ST 540 Synchron Table provides both the flexibility and quality needed to complete a wide-range of jobs.

Another example would be wallpaper designers or anyone needing to scan exotic hardwoods to create a veneer pattern.





Last checked Jan. 15, 2003,
Previusly updated June 15, 2002, first added Apr. 1, 2002.

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