It is increasingly popular for photographers to want their photographs reproduced on watercolor paper instead of photobase papers Print
watercolor paper Ixia BGSU


Just be sure the matte style is the effect that you wish. For many photographs they look very artsy on canvas or on watercolor paper. But for other photos, they really stand out best on traditional photographic materials.


Watercolor paper has a surface texture and tends to be matte in appearance.

Although the Iris giclée printer tends to be used with canvas and watercolor paper for reproducing paintings, I have seen awesome Iris prints of photographs too. We intend to try some soon, now that we have an Iris printer at the FLAAR facility.

Coated watercolor paper will accept the ink better.

If the watercolor paper is too matte for you, you can also get matte photobase materials. Or you can print on silk, cotton, or polyester from 3P Inkjet Textiles. During 2004 the growing staff of artists, print technicians, and designers at FLAAR will continue to test and evaluate a wide range of materials to produce giclée. We experiment a lot because the FLAAR print laboratory is adjacent to the immense College of Art on our campus (about 700 students and more art faculty than some other departments have students).

For further information on watercolor papers for photographs or giclée prints.

To print on fabric or textiles with any brand of printers, we recommend 3P Inkjet Textiles, fax in the USA, (203) 245-9009, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or telephone Phone: 941 761-4578

Some artists also make Polaroid transfers onto watercolor paper, but that's not our style. We do direct inkjet printing only.

First posted Jan. 14, 2003.

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