HP Pro Photosmart 8750 professional photo printer offers fabulous color palette Print

The packing box gave the printers name as HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi professional photo printer, but not many places on the Internet do I find the xi version. Everything is just regular HP Pro Photosmart 8750 professional photo printer. So I assume the HP Photosmart 8750 is identical to the HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi. There is also a special model that includes a color management option, the HP Pro Photosmart 8750gp.
We have an on-going evaluation. This is probably the only university-based review of this HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi that exists.

We use two 48-megapixel digital cameras (large format BetterLight on a Linhof and on a Cambo Ultima). We have an 80-megapixel Cruse digital camera. And our favorite cameras are 22-megapixel medium format backs on a Hasselblad or Mamiya.

So with this kind of camera, we don't want some cheap printer; we want a printer that is as good as our camera equipment.

What about the HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi makes it the choice of Nicholas Hellmuth's institute of fine art photography (FLAAR)? That's why we are writing up the results of our first inspection of this camera.

And yes, we will have photos of the HP Pro Photosmart 8750 in the review and will add photos when we update this page. We are also in the process of adding comments on the HP PhotoSmart Pro B9180. Price comparisons for HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi

If you desire to do ICC color profiles and color management with your fine art photographs, you should purchase a printer like this from a place that understands basic color management.

If you do not need color management, or are not familiar with ICC color profiles, then you can buy this printer from any chain store that sells printers. Just be sure you resist the smoke and mirrors of other brands and models. If your own photos are colorful, this HP 8750 printer is the one that will make your photos look stunning (and will make your photos look very professional too).

First posted May 8, 2006.


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