What reasonably priced large format printer consistently produces outstanding color fidelity, dramatic image quality, photo-realistic, good enough to exhibit at any museum? Print
Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 2800CP 3800CP color inkjet printer for fine art prints
The print above shows hand-painted wooden holders, fashioned by the indigenous Maya people of Guatemala. Photographed in Guatemala, scanned on a Creo Scitex EverSmart Supreme flatbed scanner (not bad for scanning a 35mm color slide). Printed in the FLAAR digital imaging equipment evaluation center in Essen-Werden, Germany.

Iris giclée prints are rated to potentially fade in 13 years on some paper or 33 years on other paper (ink and paper fading differs). Yet the printer we show here, if you use its UV archival inks, they are rated to last over 100 years under museum conditions.

I have Cibachrome photographic darkroom prints, in a sunny room, which have lasted over two decades. So why would I want a giclée print to fade in 33 years when I can have a beautiful print that could potentially last over a century?

By the way, fine art prints from the mystery printer are printed with dye based inks. The UV archival inks for long-lasting duration just arrived and we will try them out the next season and post the results. Prints on canvas, photo-glossy, photo matte, even silk...

What printer is capable of achieving this quality?

Here is a closer view of our second wide format printer, producing another flawless rendition of indigenous Maya textiles as photographed at the Maya market of Chichicastenango, Guatemala. These colorful images make outstanding test prints (we do not use stock photos, no clip art either).

That's an EFI Fiery hardware PostScript rip on the desk. You could get more speed and additional options with an Onyx Postershop RIP (loaded on a PC) or PosterJet from DSC Software (loaded on a PC or a Macintosh). Also works with Wasatch, ColorGate, and BESTColor.

fine art prints from a fine art printer that costs much less than an Iris GPrintSince the day this printer arrived it has produced beautiful prints. If you have $60,000 available you can buy an Iris, $27,000 will get you a ColorSpan or $20, 000 will get you a Roland. But if $10K or $15K is your available budget, at least you can get started with the same printer which produces such satisfying prints at the FLAAR Photo Archive. We started with the 36" model; you can also get a 54" model

If you are seeking a used HP DesignJet printer it is not advisable to depend on e-bay. How do you know whether the printer even works? So if you need reassurance that your used printer is reconditioned, or at least has a 30 day warranty, or whatever, you might consider checking with HPauthorized dealers



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