BetterLight scanback for high resolution, high dpi scans of paintings for giclee Print

BetterLight scanbacks can be used for many applications, of which digitizing paintings for giclee is one.

I also use BetterLight for landscape photography, especially panoramic photography. Currently FLAAR has a project of architectural photography where the scanning panorama viewpoint of the BetterLight Pano/WideView is perfect. We are photographing in 16th century churches, monasteries, and nunneries in Guatemala.

FLAAR has used the BetterLight for years to do circumferential rollouts of Maya vases.

But for this web site on fine art giclee printing, what is useful to know about the BetterLight is that it is considered an essential system to have for a professional level giclee atelier. Indeed at HP booths at ArtExpo and DecorExpo, for several years the BetterLight was the featured method of digitization of paintings.

FLAAR has a number of reports on giclee workflow and equipment. You can find all our reports on You can also ask BetterLight direct via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . They have a new model, BetterLight Super 10K-HS; we have the BetterLight Super 6K-HS (I think that’s the one we have; I started with different earlier models in 1997 and have had several updates).

First posted March 24, 2008.

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