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35mm slide scanner, which is best scanner for 35mm slides if you need the quality for fine art giclée prints


Adobe for photo realistic quality and fine art giclée prints

Art Canvas

Arches Cold Press, Somerset Velvet or a different watercolor paper?

ArtExpo in New York.

Art Business News magazine


Barco, the color management monitors that professionals prefer

BetterLight scanback

BetterLight for giclee

Best color RIP software management

Black and white photographs, how to avoid greenish, or reddish tinted B+W inkjet prints

Book reviews on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and other topics that newcomers need to learn about.

Books on digital photography and scanning from Rocky Nook


Calendering heat press
Canon iPF 500
Canon iPF 600
Canon iPF 700
Canon imagePROGRAF W6200
Canon imagePROGRAF W8200
Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6000

Canvas (art canvas), photographic paper for wide format, media (paper)

CO2 laser cutters

CO2 laser engravers

ColorGate RIP with Sintesi dye sub (see ColorSurf)
Color Management
Color management, brief introduction (color management is tough on everyone)
Color Management, GretagMacbeth
The Basics
BetterLight ColorSage

ColorSpan printers
General introduction to ColorSpan, pros and cons
Potential technical problems with some models of ColorSpan printers
ColorSpan  giclée printer
ColorSpan  textile printer
ColorSpan or Roland to print fine art giclée?
ColorSurf, Sintesi, s.p.a., Together with ColorGate, an economical dye sublimation heat transfer process

Continuous tone photo printers, pros and cons

Courses, seminars, training on fine art giclee inkjet printing


Cruse digital photography and reprographic copy stand overhead scanner system
Cruse Synchrcon
Cruse  Synchron Table scanner

CO2 laser engravers

Cymbolic Sciences, LightJet


Definition of fine art photography.

Digital cameras
Large format trilinear scanning backs (upcoming, meanwhile go to
1-shot, 3-shot (multi-shot), micro-scan, scan backs for medium format (upcoming, meanwhile go to pertinent page on our sister-site)
Megapixel cameras such as Nikon CoolPix 990, Nikon CoolPix 995
Digital Painter
DRUPA printer and paper trade show, held every 5 years in Duesseldorf, Germany (May 2000)
Highlights, new large format printers and interesting products from DRUPA 2000

DVD-RAM or DVD-ROM, CD-R or CD-RW? media for storing your digital images

Dye sublimation
Dye Transfer


Encad large format printers (not a giclée printer yet good for basic signs)
Encad for printing textile designs (proofs of textile prints)
Printing  your own signs, posters, and art prints in-house with your own printer

Engrave art with CO2

Epson large format printers
Desktop Epson printers such as the Epson 1520
Epson 3000
Epson 3800
Epson Stylus Pro 4000
Epson 4800
Epson 5500
Epson 7000
Epson 7500
Epson 7600
Epson 7800
Epson Stylus Photo R800
Epson 9000, pros and cons (and alternatives if you are unsure)
Epson 9500
Epson 9600
Epson 10000
Epson Stylus Pro 9800
Epson Stylus Pro 3800
Epson Stylus Pro 11800
Epson Stylus Pro, list of all major models produced in the last 12 years

Expositions, Isa 2015 Printer Trade Show Expositions, ISA 2015 printer trade show


Fine art giclée printers, recommended brands for museum quality  

FLAAR Digital Imaging Technology Center offers help to assist you in deciding what printer and/or RIP is best for your needs.
Consulting services
Fine art photography,  printer, HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi
FLAAR feedback
FLAAR  legal disclaimer
What is FLAAR?
 FLAAR offices
Offices of Guatemala facility
Flatbed scanners for fine art giclée


Giclée chrome inkjet printer.
Giclee Studio
Giclee Workflow
Giclee Workflow used by professionals.


Giclee today in 2009.

Giclee trade magazines.


Hahnemuhle  fine art papers for limited editions, giclée prints, digital fine art
Help, your questions answered, information on contacting the senior review editor

Hewlett-Packard DesignJet ...CP series of large format color printers
HP DesignJet 5000ps for photo-realistic and fine art prints
HP 5500 & 5500ps
HP 5000-UV
HP Designjet Z2100
HP Designjet Z3200
HP DesignJet 2500CP and 3500CP capable of producing exhibit proof prints for museums
HP DesignJet 2800CP and 3800CP
HP Pro Photosmart 8750xi
Great printer for printing maps and drawings
HP DesignJet 30 & 130

HP DesignJet Z3100
HP Designjet L65500
HP latex ink


ICC color profiles, software and color tools (spectrophotometer).


Inkspigmented archival inks
HP latex ink
HP Designjet L65500
Lyson archival inks

Expositions, Isa 2015 Printer Trade Show ISA 2015 printer trade show

Iris fine art giclée printers, such as Iris GPrint, from Scitex


Job opportunities
Jumbo Scan, Lumiere Technology


Kodak 5260 wide format inkjet printer.



Lamination equipment
Laminating, liquid and spray
Liquid laminate
Lumina Coatings Intl Liquid laminating equipment

Laser engravers

LightJet OCE

Lyson archival inks



Metis DMC 1015

Mimaki JV4 wide format inkjet as fine art giclée printer


Nicholas M. Hellmuth

New alternatives for giclee, decor, and fine art photography.


OCE LightJet


Canvas papers
Photographic papers
Watercolor papers
Hahnemule fine art papers (USA)
Zanders papers (Europe)

Pigmented Archival UV Inks for fine art giclée printing

Printing on canvas

Printer cutter combinations

Professional consulting available for you or your company on giclée, décor, or fine art photograph




Free Reports by request-survey form
Free self download reports
FLAAR Premium Reports

Raster Image Processor software for Large Format Printers

PosterJet RIP
Software RIP vs Hardware RIP

Roland 12-color Symphonic Ink
Roland Hi-Fi and Pro V8 (eight color) FJ 400, 500, 600 large format printers for fine art giclée
Roland d'Vinci Hi-Fi JET Pro II FJ-540 with ErgoSoft RIP and 12 colors.
Roland Hi-Fi and Pro V8
Roland or ColorSpan to print fine art giclée?


Cruse art scanner
Cruse Synchron
35mm Slide
CreoScitex scanner
Table Scanner
Fine art Scanner

Sources and Resources on large format digital imaging


Textile dye sublimation
Trade Shows
Expositions, Isa 2015 Printer Trade Show Trade shows to see printers and all aspects of printing workflow, ISA 2015


Universal Laser Systems CO2 laser cutters




Workflow Diagram

Workflow, diagram of giclee production step by step workflow

Where are good places to have your fine art giclée prints made?


X-Rite color managemen



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