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Several people wrote to ask us how they can paint on top of an inkjet print Print E-mail
Painting on to of an inkjet print

How do you keep the original inkjet image from smearing?

By using an inkjet printer the artist could produce many "originals" yet the basic image would already be prepared underneath. In other cases the artist wanted to add different effects on top of the surface.

One kind soul checked around and sent back the following information:

"I did find out through a superb American acrylics company, Golden Paints ( about painting on inkjet photo surfaces. They have an 800 number and a tech support team JUST for acrylic paints and mediums. Genuine expertise. They said what one needs to do to an inkjet surface is lay on TWO layers of an acrylic-medium varnish, either glossy, matte or satin as desired, allowing two days to dry in between each coat and before actually working on the surface. If anyone wishes to know more they should contact them to find out about products. Once properly varnished they surface can be treated as a prepped painting surface. Can even be revarnished at the end. For archival purposes, if one were to varnish the finished product, it would be important to note that in case at any point someone tried to remove the varnish (ie. conservatorial work) because the removal of that surface coat would remove ALL layers of varnish and thus the work as a whole."

We welcome information from readers since there are many esoteric areas of art that require a specialist. Just send us an e-mail if you have information that other readers might enjoy reading.

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Last checked Nov. 18, 2002
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