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Why be trained at FLAAR and not elsewhere? Print E-mail

-There are not many other universities that offer training in giclee. And when they do, they do not have both a Cruse and a BetterLight and a CreoScitex to digitize the original painting. Plus FLAAR at BGSU has experience with both thermal printheads and piezo printheads. If you learn only on an Epson or Roland (essentially identical printheads), then it’s like learning only Mac computers. You never really know what a thermal printhead can do better. For example, all the new advances in printer technology that were presented at Art Expo 2006 were all thermal printheads.

We have both Mac and PC computers and we have both thermal, piezo, and continuous inkjet printers (Ixia model of Iris). The Iris is a boat anchor but since we have experience using it in past years we can succinctly explain why you don’t need an Iris giclee printer to create handsome giclee printers. This is the year 2006; the heyday of the Iris printer was about 1996. But you still need to know about Iris giclee printers, since this is what started the entire giclee phenomenon.

For color management we have both GretagMacbeth and X-Rite. So for each stage in the giclee workflow, a testing and evaluation institute such as FLAAR will have knowledge of each of the possible options.

A commercial training institute will know well what they use, but they won’t have as many other options in-house.

One-on-one personal training

You can come to BGSU or we can come to your city anywhere in the world. We have all the ICC color profiling software and tools (both GretagMacbeth and also X-Rite DTP 41). We can bring these to your place if you don’t already have them.

Personal training is available for all levels: total beginner, starting off but already knowledgeable, intermediate, advanced.

Giclee color managed workflow: learning everything all in one program

You can bring your staff to BGSU, or we can come to your company anywhere in the world. FLAAR+BGSU is also available to lecture at trade shows or conferences organized by other companies. In other words, we can partner to do joint presentations.

Lectures can cover the entire giclee workflow, or can concentrate on ICC color management aspects, or how to select printers. First, get all the FLAAR Reports in full color PDF format. This gives you all the basics. Then you can select which portions you wish to have in-person direct with FLAAR and/or BGSU staff.

On-line courses, available anywhere in the world to suit your schedule

For the last six years we have been doing the basic research and site-visit case studies to prepare a complete set of course units for basic courses on giclee. These will be available later in 2006 and in 2007. The course can be private for your company if you wish; in this case we can start whenever it is convenient for you.

Bring Nicholas Hellmuth to your home town, anywhere in the world, to lecture on giclee

Dr Hellmuth, this year alone, has lectured in Dubai, Lisbon, and Athens, and is scheduled to speak in Madrid and Istanbul. He can present in Spanish, English, or German: your local language can be simultaneously translated.

If you are anywhere in the US, Canada, or Latin America, you are relatively close compared with elsewhere that FLAAR offers presentations.

The lecture can be private, public, in your company, at a local museum or university, community college, or alumni club.

Professor Hellmuth can also speak on digital photography: either 35mm digital photography, medium format, large format digital photography, nature photography, landscape, macro and/or panoramic photography (or samples of all this in a single lecuture). 

How to get started

Over the past six years we have taken notes on every aspect of giclee production. Our FLAAR Reports now cover giclee from A to Z and provide tips, help, and pertinent information on the entire workflow. We have an entire FLAAR Series on ICC color management.

So the first step towards mastering giclee production is to get your hands on the FLAAR publications.


First posted August 07, 2006

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