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Nicholas Hellmuth recommends which are the best books on digital imaging, scanning, and especially on Adobe Photoshop versions 6, 7, and CS. If you intend to enter the world of digital imaging be sure you get the appropriate books to help you.

MILBURN, Ken, 2001, “Master Visually Photoshop 6. The publisher is “Visual.”

I could not find any update for version 7 or CS. But his earlier book on version 5.5 was excellent. Master Photoshop 5.5 Visually. The author takes you through every command and every feature and actually shows you how to use them. This book should be on your desk. Of course you should have hopefully updated from version 5.5. Only version 6, 7, and CS are recommended.

The Photoshop Grayscale Book is labeled as First Edition but actually it is a second expanded edition of his previous book. The earlier edition was published by Peachpit Press and co-authored with Sandy Bozek. The new edition is published by Rich & Associates, PO Box 70882 , Chevy Chase MD 20813, voice (301) 652-7266, fax (301) 652-8665. This book is essential reading. FLAAR has an entire learning unit on black and white fine art photography. We cover this subject primarily on our sister site,

I would add one caveat to all books on Adobe Photoshop, namely that if you have to use Adobe Photoshop to fix up your own scans then you are either using the wrong scanning software or you have not taken the time to learn your scanning software properly. Ideally you should never have to use Photoshop to repair your own scans... if you use a Creo EverSmart scanner with Creo(Scitex) software or any scanner with SilverFast software then your scans should be perfect right out of the scanner. You need Photoshop only to re-size your image and get rid of dust or scratches. If you use a drum scanner you don't even have to remove dust or scratches since the oil removes all that. Check out for more information (cross-links at bottom of every page).

DIgital Photography and Photoshop book reviews

As an example, at the recent DRUPA trade show we scanned an image from the FLAAR Photo Archive on an ICG drum scanner, burned a CD, and took the CD to a booth with an HP DesignJet 3000 and printed the raw file at 60" wide by perhaps 80" long. This file never even entered Photoshop. The picture stopped traffic in the aisles and people stopped to admire the quality of the image; the company at the booth asked on the spot if they could buy rights for the image to use it at all their trade shows.

Each book will eventually get its own page and more details, but in the meantime we can only recommend that you take the time to learn the software as best as possible. You will not get training on the Internet; you need to get the books and go to your nearest community college and take a course in Photoshop and also in layout software (though I am no fan of QuarkXpress, as it cannot do banner-sized layout any better than Adobe PageMaker).

So many first-time users come to this web site for help that we are initiating this section on basic book reviews. If you intend to jump into fine art printing you need to read the book reviews here and on each of the other sites within the FLAAR network. All book reviews are listed in the index of the respective site; all the indices are now cross-listed on the bottom of every page. Each site is different; each has new and additional information.

The major portion of our book reviews are included in our course for digital photography, DP 101 and DP 201.

Specific information on books and training are included in most of our key reports ( FLAAR reports on digital imaging in convenient PDF download format, such as those listed in the table below)


Last updated April 29, 2004 .
Previously updated Nov. 15, 2002 (EM); Last checked Jan. 14, 2003

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