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GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker Version 5 and Eye-One color management Print E-mail
GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker Eye-One color management
Eye-One being applied to calibrate and profile a Macintosh Cinema display at one of the FLAAR facilities

Gretag offers Swiss precision in ICC color profiles for fine art giclee printing with ProfileMaker 5.

Since it is crucial to get profiles for your scanning and digital photography input too, we recommend Eye-One iO and Eye-One Share.

Basically you ought to get your hands on a complete system to handle monitor calibrating and profiling and ICC color profiles for your inkjet media.

We have had a report on the EyeOne available since 2002, but that was when Monaco was bundling Monaco Profiler software with Gretag EyeOne tools. Then X-Rite bought Monaco software company. Since X-Rite is the main competitor of Gretag, Gretag equipment obviously no longer was bundled the Monaco software. But we never received the Gretag replacement software. And in the meantime Gretag came out with all kinds of updates and neat new color management tools. So it seems to make more sense to wait to update our reports until we have all the new ones.


Gretag Macbeth Oris

The GretagMacbeth gmb iCColor color measurement instrument seen in the Canon wide format booth at GraphExpo trade show, October 2004



Updated November 18, 2004
First posted May 7, 2004

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