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There are art magazines and collector’s magazines all over the world. Since I spend most of my year in airports, trade shows, on the lecture circuit, I don’t really have time to read general art magazines. Most of these have occasional articles on giclee but not consistently.

Art World News

If you want to really read about commercial giclee business, you  need to subscribe to the top notch professional digital fine art giclee trade magazines. Art Business News is the magazine I subscribe too, though Art World News has tended to publish my articles.

The September 2008 issue of Art Business News had 74 large double-sized pages. The October and the November 2008 issues each had 50 pages, not surprising considering the recession. But the May 2007 issue had 54 pages.

The Managing Editor is a vivacious and capable Jennifer Dulin Wiley. The editorial office is actually on the other side of I-270 from the FLAAR office in the US; a suburb of St Louis, Missouri.

Giclee trade magazines in other countries

As we gradually expand this web site we will consider adding comments on other trade magazines from other countries. We tend to list those magazines where we know them well enough to write articles for them.

One British trade organization is the Fine Art Trade Guild, which is the trade association for the art and framing industry. But since I do not receive a subscription to their publications I can’t comment further. It is named Art Business Today and is published five times a year.

Coverage of Giclee in wide-format printer trade magazines.

There are many trade magazines for wide-format printers for signage. Most of these magazines include articles on giclee (less often on fine art photography).

  • Digital Graphics
  • Big Picture Magazine
  • Digital Output


Giclee in wide-format printer trade magazines
Some examples of trade magazines that cover Giclee in wide-format.


I am on the Board of advisors of Digital Graphics magazine so know this magazine the best. Their February 2008 issue had an article on “Fine Art Printing Techniques” and several times a year other pertinent themes relative to fine art and giclee are covered.
For trade magazines on signage (wide-format inkjet printers), the FLAAR Reports is the most comprehensive listing that I know of. 

Coverage of Giclee in magazines on photography.

I subscribe to Rangefinder and a host of both popular and professional photography magazines. Digital Photo Pro is by far the best professional level photography magazine. There are also magazines on Adobe Photoshop, but I do not have time to read these personally.

GreatOutput is a magazine in a special category (in a positive sense). GreatOutput has a well-known and capable editor, Eileen Fritch, and is published by LexJet (telephone 800 453-9538).

Giclee in magazines on photography
Some examples of trade magazines that cover Giclee in photography.

Most recently updated January 7, 2009.
First posted January 2, 2009.

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