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Art Business News is a good resource on paintings and limited edition giclee Print E-mail
Art Business News trade magazine, fine art digital photography
Art Expo and Décor Expo are sponsored and organized by the company that publishes Art Business News.

Art Business News covers original paintings and limited edition giclee. But their exhibition, ArtExpo, also features fine art photography both traditional film and also digital photography, as well as black and white photography.

Sculpture and atypical forms of art are also covered by Art Business News

Sculpture is covered by Art Business News. Portraits of birds, animals, and people are presented, as well as generalized sculptures, especially of lithe young females (no surprise, even the great artists of the Renaissance showed nubile young women). Just that today's standard of beauty is of different proportions.

There is a crafts section to ArtExpo show, but the magazine is (fortunately) not really a crafts magazine; this is a serious art magazine.

Covers art of diverse styles, and painters of diverse ages and backgrounds

Whether self-taught or a product of an elite art school your art has a chance in today's world. You can be fresh from art school, or retired after decades of a normal job out in the real world. If your art has style and spirit, your art can move forward and reach new audiences.

The magazine includes artists of many backgrounds, from newly minted to renowned names. And you can definitely expect to find informative articles about women in art (meaning women who paint and women who publish; not just females who are painted by male artists).

Publishing, the business of getting giclee out into the real world

If you sit at home and paint, or produce giclee, it won't go much further than your family, friends, and perhaps a local art festival. But if you are accepted by a brand-name publisher, and if you get into Art Business News, and then into ArtExpo, that's your ticket to potential success.

If you are a publisher, and wish to reach the buying public, or find new artists, you should get to know Art Business News.

Since “green” is a buzzword across America especially, you will be pleased to see articles about green solutions to giclee printing in Art Business News. This is a bit ironic since only a few years ago one of the leading giclee ateliers experimented with solvent ink printers (normally used for signage). But if the Prodigal Son could return in the Biblical story, I guess we should welcome giclee ateliers even if they wandered into solvent inks during an experimental phase.

If you subscribe, you get tips on business strategies and especially how to survive during an economic downturn.

Practical aspects of art, not fuzzy academic themes

Since my PhD is in art history, or esoteric primitive art, I evolved from the world of museums, fine art departments in New England area, and the typical politics of such art departments. But I quickly learned that writing for peer-reviewed academic journals was not very meaningful. When I write today, over 140,000 people a year read what I write about. A peer-reviewed journal nowadays might have a few thousand readers or something's just a few hundred. I respect that kind of magazine for those who do not wish to leave that world.

But I can say that Art Business News is not stuck in the past century, is not hobbled by academic tradition, and thus can express some of the reality of art as a business. Fortunately they do this in a pleasant manner: there are no overbearing quantity of advertisements; no sleazy fly-by-night advertisers. Everything in the magazine is quality, at an international level.

The office of Art Business News is about 5 minutes from the offices of FLAAR in Maryland Heights, Missouri (a pleasant suburb of St Louis). The corporate headquarters is in Ohio. Eric Smith is Vice President. Kim R. Feager is Publisher. Jennifer Dulin Wiley is Managing Editor. The name of their web site is no surprise,, logically with a www. in front of that. This is a publication of Summit Business Media, in Cleveland.

It is nice to see a large-sized glossy full-color magazine still successful. The issues are filled with documentation, information, news, and tips for artists.

Art Business News trade magazine offers articles on successful painters, limited edition publishing of fine art giclee
Art Business News trade magazine plublishes articles about fine art photography, digital photography painters, paintings, sculptures, women in art, etc. In this photography some covers of this magazine.


First published June 11, 2009.

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