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Photographers as well as artists tend to prefer to print their fine art giclée masterpieces on canvas Print E-mail

But you can't just stick any old canvas into the printer and get usable results.

There is matte canvas, glossy canvas, yellowish canvas, whitish canvas. You can select from water resistant canvas and a host of other varieties of canvas. Then you need to consider whether to spray or otherwise protect the surface.

Be careful not to end up with inadequate canvas, or some cheap material that fails to produce a museum-quality print. You need to coordinate ICC color profiles with the specific inks which your printer uses.

A FLAAR team made a trip to New England to evaluate the canvas at Parrot Digigraphic. The quality was impressive, definitely acceptable to a museum (we know, we showed the prints to a member of the Board of Directors of the museum on our university campus). The museum immediately wanted to order more prints of this quality on the Parrot canvas.

This is how we sort out which source we will recommend. We actually visit and get to know the company; test their printers and their media. In this case it was the Epson 5500 and the Epson 10000. Today canvas is also available for the Epson 4000, 7600, 9600, and 10600.

If you are also interested in watercolor paper or other artsy media that professional fine art giclée studios use, check out our other page on Arches Cold Press and Somerset art papers.


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