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I-Jet fine art giclee printingSeveral years ago Mutoh printers were sold into the giclée market as the Accuplot, I-Jet, gicléeChrome, and other names.

Accuplot seems to have disappeared. I-Jet is no longer branded as such and no longer available. We have not seen gicléeChrome for years. It was an older Mutoh generation.

Today we are not familiar with any Mutoh sold specifically as a fine art printer. No particular reason other than that the above companies are no longer as active as they once were. Mutoh is a nice printer but today is marketed primarily as a sign printer.

Of course the printheads in a Mutoh are the same as in a Roland, Mimaki, and Epson.

We have never tested a Mutoh so know more about the Mimaki. The Mimaki JV4 we have is great.

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FLAAR has visited the Mutoh booth at ISA and SGIA tradeshows every year. Here SGIA 2002


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