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FLAAR Latin America at Francisco Marroquin University Print E-mail

We appreciate the opportunity to provide digital imaging equipment evaluation services and to provide printing services, including giclee, for the Universidad Francisco Marroquin for five years.

UFM is one of the leading universities for offering courses and programs in business administration. These programs are expanding under the new Rector and his capable team. UFM also has a capable medical school, dental school,  and other programs that are considered at international level. UFM is also one of the most beautifully landscaped universities that I have seen anywhere in the world.

FLAAR, which is dedicated to digital technology and its role in assisting archaeological research and museum presentation of ancient cultures of Latin America, is more appropriate to transition to a university, or museum, more in these fields.

As a result this summer we are phasing out our facilities at UFM.

If your university would like an alliance with FLAAR and would like to benefit from our digital imaging expertise and equipment, please contact us at our US fax (BGSU, Ohio), 419 372 8283.

We are especially interested in Mexico, Central America, or alliances with universities in Europe and China (since RIP software tends to be made in Europe and most wide format inkjet printers are now being manufactured in China).

FLAAR Latin America at Francisco Marroquin University


Last modified July 3, 2002.
Previously updated Jan 30, 2002 , Aug. 28, 2002.

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