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FLAAR attended the DRUPA trade show Print E-mail

At DRUPA, images from the FLAAR Photo Archive were scanned on an ICG drum scanner by Global Graphics hardware and then printed on Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 3500 by ColorGate and PosterJet. This image stopped traffic in the aisles so was a success for the ColorGate booth (where we first took it for printing).

At DRUPA images from the FLAAR Photo Archive were scanned on an ICG drum scanner by Global Graphics hardware and then printed on Hewlett-Packard DesignJet 3500 by ColorGate and PosterJetBanner-sized FLAAR images were printed at the Encad booth and at the DicoJet booth.

Our 11x17 images were printed at the laser printer section of the Hewlett-Packard booth and at the Epson laser printer section of the BEST color management RIP booth. These FLAAR images were also printed on the Epson 7000 at the BEST booth.

Since photos in the FLAAR Photo Archive are rather obviously not stock photos or clip art, and have never been used at any trade show, these images attract attention for their unusual nature and/or beauty.

We will shortly update and expand this page, but in the meantime we wanted you to have the basic information on the major reports resulting from DRUPA. If you are in a hurry, and just can't wait, then send us an e-mail, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it but be sure that you let us know what aspect of large format printing you are interested in. It is sort of hard to answer an e-mail that just says "send information on new printers at DRUPA."

We can only provide pertinent information to offer solutions to your needs if you let us know whether you do signs (and what size), fine art or billboards, commercially or as a hobby, whether this will be your first printer or whether you have a dozen in your repro shop already. More specifically, what features are you looking for in a large format printer?

Our "Drupa Trade Show Report" includes information on the following:

  • DicoJet 7-color printer (is a Mimaki acceptable for fine art digital prints)
  • Epson 7500, Epson 9500 (does overenthusiastic advertising offer more than any printer could possible deliver?)
  • Konica 8-color printer
  • Seiko printer with Xaar heads (Seiko is the parent company of Epson, so why doesn't Seiko use Epson heads???).

Another major trade show in Germany, Photokina. FLAAR review editor attended Photokina in Cologne, Germany. So if you want absolutely the latest information on the newest large format printers and RIP´s, Check out FLAAR Series on Photo Exhibit Quality.

Since we have over a dozen different reports (on different classes of large format printers) we don't know which report to send unless you let us know what kind of a printer you are looking for: 24" 36" over 60"; do you need high quality, or high speed, or are you content with average image at whatever speed you get for low price. Do you need exhibit quality fine art giclée prints? Or for posters, signs, banners for advertising? How about museum-quality photo-realistic editions of your own photographs, or to start a new home-based business? The more you explain about your needs, the more we know what information to send back to you.

In order to gather as many facts as possible we attend the major international trade shows, visit the factories where the printers are manufactured and the headquarters of the RIP software engineers. Nonetheless there are still many aspects of large format printing where it helps to get information straight from the actual individuals who make or provide the actual products. Thus we select pertinent companies that make the products that will help you the most and recommend to the companies that they should contact you to provide additional information. These are companies that we know and respect and whose products pass our rather rigid inspection. You may have noticed in our reviews that we are rather conservative, strict and perhaps old-fashioned.


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