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Print 01 is the next major trade show where large format printer companies will all introduce outstanding new inkjet printers (more than just the speed update already announced) Print E-mail

FLAAR editors attend DRUPA, Photokina, CeBIT (all in Germany) as well as Seybold San Francisco, Comdex, PMA, DPI, B.I.G., The Big Picture Show, and other informative trade shows.

When we are shown new prototypes, FLAAR has non-disclosure agreements with a number of companies. However when we get tips and information from other sources, then this information is considered in the public domain.

Every trade show we attend we gather data for our readers. These reports are available (our university makes them available at no cost).

However we cannot answer such questions as "send me the information," because we have no idea what information you want (we have 500 pages of reviews covering hundreds of products).

Even "send me information on new printers" is not enough because there are over a dozen different new printers. For example, do you already have a printer, or are you still trying to sort through the advertising claims to figure out which printer will really be best for your specific situation?

If you are just starting, are still learning, then certain printers and RIP´s are more appropriate for you. If you already have an older Encad or other traditional printer and now want to expand and do better quality photo-realistic printing, then certain other printers may be more helpful for your business.

If you are on a tight budget, not much sense getting the details of a printer that costs $225,000.00. ColorSpan, which used to cost up to $80,000, and as recently as last year cost about $32,000, has a new model for $14,000. Equally well there are new printers in the $25K range and new super printers that will blow away the competition.

We will gladly reply with abundant information; we can cover drum scanners and flatbed scanners too if you need to do fine art printing. The more we hear from you the more precisely we can answer as many of your questions as possible.

Do you intend to do signs, posters, banners, vehicle (fleet) graphics, or fine art giclée prints (or do you need one printer that is capable of doing both)?



Last updated Nov. 15, 2002.
Updated Aug. 12, 2001.

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