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Laser Cutters (Laser Engravers) can produce a diverse range of decorations Print E-mail

CO/2 laser cutters and engravers can handle scores of materials and create a host of applications. Materials include stone, aluminum, wood, cardboard, plastics, glass, ceramic, metals, rubber and other materials.

LaserPro CO2 engraverexamples
LaserPro CO2 engraver VISCOM Germany 2007.
LaserPro CO2 engraver VISCOM Germany 2007.

Our students at Bowling Green State University use a Universal Laser Cutter to do architectural models and diverse kinds of art and signs.

If you need to create incised or engraved handicrafts, trophies, awards, or any kind of art, consider obtaining a CO2 laser cutter/laser cutter.

Create Art with CO2 Laser Engravers.

The Kern Lasers website shows examples of both art and photographs that have been created with their C02 laser engravers. The Epilog laser web site has nice examples too. But the laser engraver brands I know the best are GCC LasePro (since I was hosted for a several day visit at their world headquarters and factory in Taipai, Taiwan).

Universal Laser System Inc examples
Universal Laser System Inc booth at PMA 2007.
Universal Laser System Inc booth at PMA 2007.

I have experience with Universal Laser Systems equipment because I see all their equipment and results at trade shows around the world (plus when I was at BGSU for six years we had one of their units in our testing lab). I have experienced a Trotec laser and have visited their booth at several trade shows in past years.  I do not know the other brands as well, though I have visited the larger industrial Vytek laser booth about once a year at either ISA or SGIA.

“Print” photographs with Laser Engravers.

You can engrave photographs onto many rigid materials with a CO/2 laser engraver.

If you want to print them in full CMYK color, you can employ a UV-curable inkjet flatbed printer at substantial sizes.

Below the surface laser engraving.

You can take a photograph, and laser-engrave it deep inside a solid transparent material, such as glass. The image appears to be suspended inside the solid material. Most people can’t figure out how you can possible produce anything like this.

Just look at the Laser Spec website for sub-surface laser engraving. The output is especially unique when you do a 3D scan first.

Even when you remain on the surface, artists can utilize CO2 laser engravers and laser cutters to produce works of art.

Laser engraving and laser cutting for museums.

Up to now it is primarily architects, sign makers, and people doing trophies and awards or arts and crafts that utilize CO/2 laser engraving technology. But laser cutters and laser engravers are great tools for art historians, archaeologists, and museums.

Since Nicholas Hellmuth and FLAAR have a background in architecture and a “foreground” in digital technology, we can serve as an independent university-based source of reliable information to guide end-users to understand which brand, which model, and which technology they should consider.

Trotec booth at VISCOM Madrid 2007.
Trotec booth at VISCOM Madrid 2007.

In 2006 we had a Universal Laser Systems M-300 machine and then obtained a larger and more powerful laser engraver/cutter from Trotec. Now, in 2009, we are expanding our coverage of evaluating and reviewing CO2 laser engravers and laser cutters.


Updated May 9, 2009.
First written May 1, 2006.

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